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Seminar in Modeling for Public Health

The Seminar in Modeling for Public Health is a year-long, monthly elective course, targeted most specifically to students in the Public Health Modeling Concentration but open to all interested members of the Yale community. The seminar features talks by faculty from across Yale University doing modeling-related research, as well as invited speakers from other universities and public health agencies. The objectives of the course are to offer students the opportunity to:

  • Witness the scope and range of questions in public health policy and practice that may be addressed, understood, and informed using model-based approaches.
  • Appreciate the breadth of public health modeling research being conducted around the University and beyond.
  • Explore possible collaborations/relationships with other scholars and professionals.
  • Review, critique, and evaluate model-based public health research in a structured environment.
  • Form their own opinions regarding the applicability, relevance, and responsible use of modeling methods.

The Seminar in Public Health Modeling is a no-credit requirement for students in the Public Health Modeling Concentration. Students in the Concentration must register for the Seminar during at least two semesters of enrollment. For each class, 1-2 readings will be circulated/posted on the course website prior to the talk. Students are encouraged to read the articles and articulate questions for the speaker.

View past and upcoming seminar events below.

Public Health Modeling Seminar - Upcoming

There are no events to display.

Public Health Modeling Seminar - Past

Feb 20227Monday
Jan 202224Monday
Nov 202115Monday
Oct 202118Monday
Sep 202129Wednesday
Sep 202122Wednesday
Sep 202120Monday
Sep 20211Wednesday
Apr 202126Monday
Mar 20211Monday
Feb 20211Monday
Dec 20207Monday
Nov 20209Monday
Oct 202012Monday
Sep 202014Monday
Mar 20202Monday
Feb 20203Monday
Jan 202013Monday
Nov 20194Monday
Oct 20197Monday
Sep 20199Monday