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MS and PhD Student Leaders

Representatives to GSA, GPSS and SAYPH

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is an elected body of graduate students that represent all Ph.D. students and master's students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). The GSA works closely with Yale administrators, including the Dean of the Graduate School, to advocate for and improve graduate students' academic, social, and living experiences at Yale.

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) fosters interaction among students through community service and engagement, social gatherings, and academic and professional events, as well as to support official and unofficial student groups. GPSS also represents the graduate and professional student population on official university committees.

The Student Association of Yale Public Health (SAYPH) is the student government for the Yale School of Public Health. MS and PhD students are also represented through this body.

Please reach out to these MS and PhD representatives to both bodies to share your concerns, suggest initiatives or learn more about the Yale School of Public Health and Yale University.

Huangrui Chu

Biostatistics - SAYPH and GSA Representative

Year entered the MS program: 2022

Research Interests: My research interests include making use of machine learning methods to analyze large volumes of health data from Computer Vision perspective and Natural Language Processing perspective.

I like to participate in different kinds of events. When you “catch” me during some events, I am always welcome to have a casual chat with you! Moreover, you can email me to ask about which fun events I plan to attend. I enjoy yoga, pilates, and cooking.

Luning Yang

Biostatistics - Represents GSA
Year entered the MS program: 2023

Research Interests: I am interested in the deep-learning facilitated drug discovery and the bioinformatic analysis of single-cell sequencing data on the disease of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

I am from Shanghai, China. I am a cat person. I am in favor of animal welfare. I grew a hydroponic avocado sapling for one year and a half.

Savanna Randi

Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases - SAYPH Representative

Year entered PhD program: 2023

Research Interests: I have a background in biomedical research, focusing on post-transcriptional gene regulation and the role of aberrant pre-mRNA splicing in the development of human genetic disorders. Additionally, I received an MPH from YSPH, where I gained experience in parasitology research and international fieldwork. Currently, I am interested in soil-transmitted helminth epidemiology and advancements in diagnostic techniques.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the cello and exploring various styles of music across different genres.

Siyan (Amy) Guo

MS Health Informatics - GSA Representative

Year entered the MS program: 2022

Research Interests: I came from a Biology background and am particularly interested in neuroscience, such as the development of understanding towards neurodegenerative diseases facilitated by computational methods. I would also like to incorporate informatics tools to support cohorts that are at risk/diagnosed with such conditions.

I've been playing piano since 4 & love and embrace all forms of art. Love baking and trying out new food & all recipes! Also a beginner at yoga, golf & basketball (open to trying out new things!)

Yukang Zeng

Biostatistics - GSA Representative

Year entered the MS program: 2023

Research Interests: My blueprint is focused on revolutionizing the foundation of civilization by reverse-engineering human cognition and incorporating systematic biases related to the physiological structure. Currently, I am exploring the causal inference paradigm that underlies the framing of knowledge/decision-making processes through statistical and philosophical perspectives.

I am now the co-chair of the Yale Club of Guangzhou and excited to connect with our alumni by leveraging AI technology to reshape the alumni network, revolutionizing resource integration and human connectivity in public spaces. As the representative of YSPH, I am fervently looking forward to joining hands with our innovative young talents from across the globe in co-constructing a decentralized, spontaneous, transparent, readily accessible, and resource-abundant interdisciplinary paradigm for reshaping the future of public health.

Zihan Chen

Health Informatics - SAYPH and GSA Representative

Year entered the MS program: 2022

Research Interests: Coming from a psychology background, my research interests focus on sleep and comorbid psychiatric disorders. I am highly motivated to apply data-driven tools to clinical research in order to make new discoveries.

I'm a huge fan of national parks, as they provide a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature and find solitude. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy watching midnight movies at the cinema, which is another favorite activity of mine.