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  • Private Lactation Room Opens At Union Station

    After years of struggling to find a private space to breastfeed her children, LaKayla Farrow can now do so in peace in a newly opened room on the second floor of Union Station. Located on the second floor of the city’s transit hub at 50 Union Ave., a new Lactation and Wellness space designated for those seeking to pray or chestfeed (a gender-inclusive alternative to the commonly used ​“breastfeed”) was opened at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

    Source: New Haven Independent
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  • Jennifer Mandelbaum keeps a hand in academia as a lecturer

    Jennifer Mandelbaum, MPH ’16 (Social & Behavioral Sciences, Global Health Concentration), is a healthcare economics consultant at Optum (part of UnitedHealth Group), but keeps a hand in academia as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Community Health at Tufts University.

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  • A Commitment to Community

    The Center for Community Engagement and Health Equity at Yale Cancer Center strives to achieve health equity and eliminate the burden of cancer for all, across Connecticut.

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  • Artists Team Up To “Vacúnate Fair Haven”

    Maria Osorio Maya crouched beside the bus stop, pressing her weight into it as she rolled out the sheets of white, blue and orange vinyl. Her hands became a ballet, working to smooth out any bubbles and keep the edges sharp and straight. Just feet away, Grand Avenue buzzed and honked with the clamor of a weekday afternoon.

    Source: Arts Council of Greater New Haven
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  • Employee Spotlight - Sofia Morales

    This article is an interview with Sofia I. Morales, who is Program Manager of Research and Evaluation at the Yale School of Public Health's Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE). Morales discusses her responsibilities, which include overseeing research projects and coordinating programmatic activities related to health equity research. She enjoys the administrative, scientific, mentoring, and community collaboration aspects of her job. Morales emphasizes the importance of communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and a willingness to learn in public health. She also discusses her path to her current position and recommends that those interested in public health start by volunteering. Finally, Morales discusses her involvement in the Yale Latinx Networking Group and the importance of affinity spaces for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Source: Employee Spotlight - Sofia Morales
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  • How to Ask Someone If They’re Vaccinated Against COVID-19

    Now that around 60% of adults in America have received at least one dose of the vaccine,1 more people are re-entering public spaces and doing activities that were previously limited. However, as you plan long-awaited gatherings and schedule important appointments, it’s crucial to talk about COVID-19 vaccination status with others. It may be a tricky topic for some, but it’s important to discuss prior to any scheduled meet-up. When asking about someone’s vaccination status, your approach will generally vary depending on who you’re talking to. Here’s how you can politely bring up the topic in a conversation.

    Source: Verywell Health
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