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Giving Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

The Yale School of Public Health

Yale offers a unique opportunity to name its School of Public Health with a transformative investment that will transcend borders in improving millions of lives and protecting humankind, now and long into the future. With the increased endowment support that such a gift could provide, the school could offer debt-free education to public health students – the world’s future frontline leaders. Endowment resources can ensure that YSPH attracts and retains the very best faculty, ensuring that their research is nurtured, sustained and translated into impactful solutions to the most pressing public health challenges worldwide.

60 College Street Building

A gift to name the 60 College Street building would transform the school and make a lasting impact on the future of public health.

Yale Institute for Global Health (YIGH)

YIGH is the focal point for global health at Yale, bringing together expertise and knowledge from across campus with partners around the world. By actively collaborating across disciplines and seizing opportunities for innovation through a multi-school partnership, YIGH aims to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into better health for all.

Institute for Pandemic Prevention

A foundational naming gift will enable Yale to establish a multidisciplinary institute to sustain and accelerate the extraordinary advances that YSPH and the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) have made during the pandemic, and to advance work on predicting and preventing the next one.

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund provides support to enable Yale faculty and students to respond to emergent public health threats around the world in real time. Immediate emergency public health funding is crucial to life-saving (not live) interventions. With this support, the fund seeks to bridge the gap and connect passionate donors with faculty and students on the front lines of these ever-evolving crises. The Rapid Response Fund at YSPH seeks to bridge the gap and connect passionate donors with faculty and students on the front lines of these ever-evolving crises.

Yale Center on Climate Change and Health (YCCCH)

Responding to climate change presents the greatest public health opportunity of the 21st century, with the potential to convey enormous and immediate health benefits that could save millions of lives globally each year. The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health utilizes the University’s multidisciplinary expertise and global reach to help safeguard the health of human populations from the adverse impacts of climate change and human activities that cause climate change.

InnovateHealth Yale (IHY)

Launched in 2013, IHY is a university-wide catalyst for innovative solutions that address challenges in health and education. The only social entrepreneurship program housed at a school of public health, IHY challenges students to create sustainable solutions to public health needs around the world.

Named Endowments for School and Faculty Leadership

Faculty at the Yale School of Public Health conduct cutting-edge research, train future public health leaders, collaborate with communities in need and serve on some of the nation’s most significant health advisory groups. An endowed professorship is the highest form of recognition for a professor’s scholarship, teaching and service. Endowed professorships help retain faculty leaders and allow the school to attract top faculty from around the world.

Deanship, Yale School of Public Health

Deanship and Resource Fund.

Department and Faculty Chairs

Foundational support for departmental leaders.

Endowed Professorships; Support for Faculty Directors of Priority Programs

Innovation Funds for Junior Faculty

YSPH seeks to fund innovative new approaches to major challenges in the field. Innovation funds enable early-career researchers to conduct pilot studies, generating feasibility data and providing proof of concept. Pilot studies help investigators obtain external grants from the NIH and other governmental and private sources.

Named Endowed Scholarships, Internships and Doctoral Fellowships

Debt-free Education for YSPH Students

The school aims to make a Yale Public Health education debt-free. Philanthropic gifts can help the school to realize its goal to launch graduates quickly into the public health careers of their choosing, regardless of compensation level and without the burden of loan repayment.

  • Student Scholarships
  • Directed Scholarships
  • Doctoral Fellowships
  • Post-doctoral Fellowships
  • Internships

Support for Departments and Programs

InnovateHealth Yale

IHY is a university-wide catalyst for innovative solutions that address challenges in health and in education. IHY brings speakers, hosts panel discussions, co-sponsors workshops to Yale and provides one-on-one counseling for students interested in social entrepreneurship and social impact. Opportunities for giving in support of operations, honoraria, hackathons, prizes, seed grant funds and more are available.

Yale Center on Climate Change and Health

The school aims to make a Yale Public Health education debt-free. Philanthropic gifts can help the school to realize its goal to launch graduates quickly into the public health careers of their choosing, regardless of compensation level and without the burden of loan repayment.

Health Care Management Program

Taught in conjunction with faculty from Yale’s esteemed School of Management and Yale Law School, this program addresses the functioning of organizations and agencies in health systems. Endowment to support YSPH’s joint MBA/MPH program (with School of Management); current use program resource fund and internships is sought.

U.S. Health Justice Concentration

Advancing health justice and equity are central to YSPH’s mission. This interdepartmental YSPH concentration prepares students to analyze and address systems and processes that perpetuate health injustice in the United States.

LGBTQ Health, Stigma and Health Disparities

Help advance the goal of translating YSPH research into psychosocial interventions that improve health within the LGBTQ community while mitigating the adverse impact of stigma on health through support of the current use program resource fund, internships and more.

Mobile Mental Health Interventions

Mobile devices can place mental healthcare support and intervention in the pockets of those struggling with depression, addiction or other mental health issues.

Distance Learning Programs

Investing in distance learning will improve access to Yale’s world-class education in public health for learners around the globe. Resource funds, endowments for student scholarships, development of new multi-year courses and certificate programs are sought.

Service to Connecticut: Community Impact through Evidence-based Practice and Innovation

YSPH nurtures and trains tomorrow’s public health leaders by providing public health practice opportunities that integrate innovation, systems thinking and social justice. Opportunites exist for establishing endowed Health Equity Fellowships that focus on community engagement in New Haven and beyond in partnership with state/local health departments.

Data Sciences at YSPH

The world faces numerous existential threats to public health that are not strictly addressed through medical progress — from climate change, gun violence and food insecurity to systemic racism and a burgeoning aging population. The constellation of data science experts at YSPH can help assess and address these risks with cutting-edge forecasting and mitigation strategies. Data science allows YSPH researchers to modulate risks to public’s health through the application of biostatistics, health informatics, implementation science and modeling using “big data.”

  • YSPH Modeling Program: YSPH is home to some of the world’s leading experts in public health modeling. Our highly skilled scientists use mathematical modeling to understand infectious disease transmission and epidemic trajectories. Modeling can also be used to predict the impact of disease-mitigation strategies and policies to help guide the allocation of health resources. Machine learning and artificial intelligence bring exciting new tools to the field, where they are being used for economic and social science health assessments within health and insurance systems.
  • Health Informatics: Health Informatics at YSPH addresses risks to public health with cutting-edge forecasting and mitigation using “big data” in many spheres: health, hospital, personal, census data, private sector billing, social media, weather, satellite, cell phone, surveillance, geographic information systems and more. Big data and novel health metrics pose unprecedented promise to motivate cross-disciplinary collaboration, provide a basis of training and save millions of lives around the world.

The HAPPY Initiative

The Humanities, Arts and Public Health Practice at Yale (HAPPY) initiative, based at YSPH, operates in collaboration with the Schwarzman Center and Yale’s arts schools. It is designed to bridge the complementary perspectives and contributions of the humanities, arts and public health practice to improve the health of communities.

Visiting Professorships

Enabled by philanthropic gifts, YSPH will establish visiting professorships, positions designed to bring distinguished public health practitioners of all sectors to campus for flexible appointments.

General Support

Student Scholarships

Students enroll in the School of Public Health to improve the health of communities, not to enter lucrative careers. Their ability to live out their high ideals is directly related to our ability to provide financial aid. Financial aid endowments help reduce our students’ debt burden and clears the way for their important work tomorrow. Almost half our students borrow to fund their study at YSPH, and graduates who borrow average more than $60,000 in debt over the course of their program.

Summer Internships

Public health is a “real world” discipline. To gain exposure to fieldwork, students complete a required 10- to 12-week summer internship. Although this is a full-time commitment, precluding other employment, nearly half of the participants receive no funding to finance their travel and living expenses. New endowment support can open learning opportunities for students around the world.


Successful institutions respond quickly to emerging needs and opportunities. Endowed resource funds support this kind of flexibility by providing startup money for faculty initiatives. Such funding allows researchers to ask “What’s important?” rather than simply “What’s fundable?” and supports an array of programs, including global initiatives, disease prevention and environmental health.

Alumni Fund

More than 53% of our students rely on a grant or scholarship from YSPH to fund their studies. Contributions by alumni and others to the YSPH Alumni Fund relieve students of accumulated debt, inspiring them to work in communities around the world where they are needed most. Every dollar donated to the Fund makes a difference. Please make it possible for Yale School of Public Health students to pursue their academic aspirations by supporting financial aid through the Alumni Fund. Make a gift to the Alumni Fund. To learn more about the Fund, please contact Katherine Ingram at (203) 436-8562.

Founders Pledge

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to help transform one day the future of medicine and health through philanthropy? A Founders Pledge empowers you to make plans to amplify your success once your venture has grown and performed. Learn more on the Founders Pledge page.

Planned Giving

With a planned giving strategy, you can put your assets to work for the Yale School of Public Health—while you and the School share in the benefits. To find out more about bequests, gifts of appreciated stock or real estate and annuity options, please visit the Office of Planned Giving.


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Payment Options

To donate online, please visit the Yale Giving website.

Checks should be made payable to "Yale University" and mailed to:

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For phone payments via Visa, Mastercard or American Express, please call (800) 395-7646 or (203) 432-5436.

For further information, contact Cornelia Evans, Senior Director for Development and Alumni Affairs at (203) 436-8544.