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For Transformational Efforts

To realize its full potential, YSPH must grow its endowment support. YSPH naming opportunities and endowed gifts will provide the school with the resources to deliver on its promise: to train future public health leaders of promise who are equipped to deliver impactful solutions to the most pressing health challenges worldwide.

Naming Opportunities

The Yale School of Public Health

Yale offers a unique opportunity to name its School of Public Health with a transformative investment that will transcend borders in improving millions of lives and protecting humankind, now and long into the future. With the increased endowment support that such a gift could provide, the school could offer debt-free education to public health students – the world’s future frontline leaders. Endowment resources can ensure that YSPH attracts and retains the very best faculty, ensuring that their research is nurtured, sustained, and translated into impactful solutions to the most pressing public health challenges worldwide.

60 College Street Building

A gift to name the 60 College Street building would help to grow the school’s endowment, allowing YSPH to recruit and retain the brightest and the best who will make a lasting impact on the future of public health.

Yale Institute for Global Health (YIGH)

YIGH is the focal point for global health at Yale, bringing together expertise and knowledge from across campus with partners around the world. By actively collaborating across disciplines and seizing opportunities for innovation through a multi-school partnership, YIGH aims to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into better health for all.

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund provides support to enable Yale faculty and students to respond to emergent public health threats around the world in real time. Immediate emergency public health funding is crucial to life-saving interventions. With this support, the fund seeks to bridge the gap and connect passionate donors with faculty and students on the front lines of these ever-evolving crises.

Yale Center on Climate Change and Health (YCCCH)

Responding to climate change presents the greatest public health opportunity of the 21st century, with the potential to convey enormous and immediate health benefits that could save millions of lives globally each year. The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health utilizes the University’s multidisciplinary expertise and global reach to help safeguard the health of human populations from the adverse impacts of climate change and human activities that cause climate change.

InnovateHealth Yale (IHY)

Launched in 2013, IHY is a university-wide catalyst for innovative solutions that address challenges in health and education. The only social entrepreneurship program housed at a school of public health, IHY challenges students to create sustainable solutions to public health needs around the world.