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Advanced Professional MPH in Global Health

The Yale School of Public Health is a leader in Yale University’s commitment to improve health across the globe through research, education and community engagement. The School uses science to foster health, promote innovation, train leaders and make a difference in the world. Faculty research spans a variety of fields including chronic and infectious diseases, implementation science, environmental health, behavioral determinants of health, policy and administration.

The Advanced Professional Global Health track builds on all these experiences and emphasizes an integrative problem–solving approach to global health issues and to diseases and conditions that afflict developing and developed countries. Students are able to define their focus and tailor their elective selections to develop skills for careers in leadership, research and practice.


2024-25 Matriculation
The Advanced Professional MPH degree requires a total of 16 course units. The Advanced Professional MPH in Global Health requires the student to complete or acquire an exemption from the following courses. If a course is waived, a substitute course must be identified.

MPH Core Courses (7 course units)

  • BIS 515 Accelerated Biostatistics - 2 units
  • SBS 505 Accelerated Social Foundations of Health - 1 unit
  • CDE 515 Accelerated Epidemiology - 1 unit
  • EPH 510 Health Policy and Health Care Systems - 1 unit
  • EPH 513 Major Health Threats - 1 unit

One of the following (public health practice requirement):

  • EPH 500 Public Health Practicum- 1 unit
  • HPM 555 Health Policy or Health Care Management Practicum- 1 unit
  • HPM 556 Advanced Health Policy Practicum - 1 unit
  • EPH 555 Practicum in Climate Change, Sustainability, and Public Health- 1 unit
  • EMD/SBS 584 Advanced Global Health Justice Practicum: Fieldwork - 1 unit
  • EMD/SBS 588 Health Justice Practicum - 1 unit
Integrated Learning Experience

Track Courses (6 course units)

  • EPH 591 Global Health Seminar - 0 units
  • EPH 595 Global Health Foundations: Principles and Applications - 1 unit

One of the following capstone courses:

  • EPH 557 Evidence-Based Decision Making in Global Health - 1 unit
  • HPM 575 Evaluation of Global Health Policies & Programs - 1 unit

One of the following:

  • CDE 534 Applied Analytic Methods in Epidemiology - 1 unit
  • HPM 583 Methods in Health Services Research - 1 unit

Three global health courses from at least two of the five perspectives on public health (list of courses published each fall) - 3 units

Elective Courses (3 course units)