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Global Health

A student internship in Assam, India.

Global health priorities are shifting from simply describing how major global health epidemics spread to taking action to prevent them from happening. The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty and students engage in transdisciplinary global health research across the life course seeking to promote health, improve coping behaviors (Pachankis), and self-management of major conditions including obesity (Pérez-Escamilla), non-communicable diseases (Nuñez-Smith, Pérez-Escamilla), HIV (Kershaw) and poor mental health outcomes (Hagaman, Levy, Lowe), maternal and neonatal health (Hagaman), and health systems (Hagaman) emphasizing social justice (Miller). The SBS faculty also engages in early child health and development research (Panter-Brick, Pérez-Escamilla) and advises UN agencies and non-governmental organizations on global maternal-child nutrition and early child development initiatives (Pérez-Escamilla, Panter-Brick). This work benefits from the leadership of SBS faculty in the Global Health Concentration (Pérez-Escamilla), the Department of Internal Medicine (Nuñez-Smith), and the Law School (Miller).

Faculty of Interest