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For Future Leaders

Interest in the field of public health has grown exponentially and student enrollment at YSPH has more than doubled over the past five years. However, cost is a significant factor for students seeking an advanced Yale degree on their path to a career in public health. Students who dream of promoting better health in this field must weigh financial factors before committing to an educational program and choosing a career that is often providing public sector support and offers modest financial rewards.

Through scholarships, internships, and fellowships the school aims to make a Yale Public Health education accessible to all. Philanthropic gifts can help the school to realize its goal to launch graduates quickly into the public health careers of their choosing, regardless of compensation level and without the burden of loan repayment.

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Student Scholarships

Gift opportunities start from $50,000 and above and $250,000 for directed scholarships.

With a rapidly growing student body YSPH must increase the amount of scholarship support it offers. The school is committed to reducing the debt of every student to ensure that the fear of excessive debt does not dissuade those committed to a career in public health and to attract the most capable applicants.Support benefits students enrolled in the MPH, Advanced MPH and Executive Online MPH programs.


Opportunities start from $100,000 for an endowment, or current use gifts of $5,000 and above.

A cornerstone of public health training at the YSPH is the summer internship. During the summer between their first and second years, students spend 10 to 12 weeks working with an organization, typically a not-for-profit agency or group. Endowed funds to provide permanent support are needed. Outright gifts of $5.000 or more can support a student's need for an entire summer.

Doctoral fellowships

Opportunity: $2 million

The YSPH Ph.D. program is extremely competitive, ranked among the top 3 within schools of public health in the US. However, multiple outstanding Ph.D. candidates must be turned away each year due to inadequate funding. With increased support, YSPH could admit more of these future faculty leaders. Aside from advancing academic research in their chosen fields of study, doctoral students support MPH students with research and dissertations and provide essential assistance to YSPH faculty in support of their research.

Debt-Free Education for YSPH students

Graduating public health professionals with little or no debt is the right thing to do, incentivizing public service.

YSPH students graduate with an average debt of over $61,000, not including any debt they may have incurred while in college. With a few professional exceptions, those who enter the field of public health aim to work in public service, non-profit, and governmental spheres offering lower salary levels both upon entry post-graduation and throughout the trajectory of those careers. Plainly, scholarship support is highly impactful and effective in ensuring that students can realize their professional goals without being pressured into other more highly compensated career tracks due to high debt burdens.

A transformative gift to the school could realize the school’s ultimate goal of a debt-free education and launch our graduates the brightest and the best into careers with impact that will be felt the world over.

InnovateHealth Yale (IHY)

Opportunities exist for gifts of $25,000 to $5 million for operational support, prize funding, entrepreneur-in-residence funds, and more.

Launched in 2013, IHY is a university-wide catalyst for innovative solutions that address challenges in health and education. The only social entrepreneurship program housed at a school of public health, IHY challenges students to create sustainable solutions to public health needs around the world.

The HAPPY Initiative

A range of gift opportunities will help sustain and advance the initiative, from $5,000 for artist stipends to $100,000 for the production of collaborative new work to $3 million for endowed professorships, and more.

The Humanities, Arts and Public Health Practice at Yale (HAPPY) initiative, based at YSPH, operates in collaboration with the Schwarzman Center and Yale’s arts schools. It is designed to bridge the complementary perspectives and contributions of the humanities, arts and public health practice to improve the health of communities.