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Yale School of Public Health faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary approaches to promote healthier aging. Our research includes:

  • Influence of social psychological factors, including age stereotypes and ageism, on health outcomes
  • Improving emotional health of older adults and reducing stress for the caregivers
  • Identifying how home environments and finances affect the health of older adults
  • Prevention of chronic diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases
  • Cognitive health (Alzheimer's disease and dementia)
  • Improving HIV/AIDS outcomes for aging populations
  • Improving health care access for older people
  • Techniques for reducing the risk of falls and minimizing physical disability among older persons
  • Access to care, insurance markets and public policy
  • Quality of preventive, acute, long-term and end-of-life health care
  • Novel integrative analysis using imaging and genetics to determine risk for Alzheimer's disease and its progression

Methodologies include:

  • Etiology and treatment of disease
  • Disease surveillance
  • Genetics, pathology, epidemiology and neuroimaging
  • Methods and qualitative and quantitative analyses for clinical trials
  • Interventions, longitudinal studies and community-based field studies

Learn more about this work in the Departments of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Recent Publications