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Firearm Injury Prevention

at the Yale School of Public Health (#FIP@YSPH)

What we do and why we do it:

At the Yale School of Public Health, our firearm injury prevention (FIP) work uses the tools of public health to frame solutions.


  1. Gathering data (asking how common it is and who is affected).
  2. Identifying risks and protective factors (recognizing what increases or decreases the chances of someone being hurt or dying).
  3. Developing and evaluating interventions (exploring how we avert injury, hospitalization, death, and posttraumatic consequences for individuals and communities).
  4. Scaling what works (disseminating, promoting and investing in research-based solutions).
  5. Cultivating strong Partners and Partnerships

What makes this effort at Yale distinct?

Yale is proud to join forces and voice with public health schools, organizations, departments, and individuals locally and globally who are examining FIP as a public health issue.

Yale is committed to aligning its work with communities of survivors and those most impacted. Relationship building is a core value, and we do this through strategic collaboration.

Starting initiatives of our work include:

  • “Research With”

The Yale School of Public Health recognizes historic, systemic and structural barriers in research that have resulted in exploitative and transactional relationships with communities. FIP at YSPH commits to a process of inquiry and change by engaging in research with communities (as opposed to research on) through:

  • Careful examination of partnerships
  • Centering community voice
  • Sharing resources and results

  • Shared Humanity Learning Series

Elevating the experiences of people impacted by gun violence, our “shared humanity” videos are designed to leverage the power of storytelling as a vehicle for connection, share facts about firearm injury/death, and promote research-supported action. Coming soon!

  • Extended Learning Opportunities

The Yale School of Public Health’s Firearm Injury Program offers low and no-cost in-person and online learning opportunities for community members. Coming soon!