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Research in Health Policy and Management

Research in Health Policy and Management is key to advancement of the health of the public. The impact of our research on evidence-based policy making related to the delivery of health care and improving public health has been felt in government, not-for-profit, for-profit and research organizations across the country and around the world.

Practice-based research and initiatives

Through the Global Health Leadership Institute, YSPH collaborates worldwide to address the quality and management of healthcare, including the Yale Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Programme with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, the Yale Hospital Management and Leadership Program in China and Project Last Mile in South Africa.

Research Themes

  • The U.S. health care system accounts for over 17 percent of the GNP, yet by virtually every metric of system performance, American health care is in the middle or bottom of the pack compared to countries with similar levels of economic development.
  • As metrics for health system performance have become more extensive and nuanced, shortfalls in quality, disparities in health care access, treatment, and outcomes, and inconsistencies in health system performance have been more fully identified
  • The opioid crisis has captured much recent public attention in the U.S., but the abuse of substances (licit and illicit) and broader manifestations of mental health have long been central to health policy and to research within HPM.
  • Mathematical and simulation modeling plays a growing role in studying the health and financial outcomes of public health policies. 

  • Medical products—pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and devices—are essential tools in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. As their role in health and health care grows, so too does the complexity of their development, regulation, promotion and pricing, among other topics.
  • The scope of effective health policy necessarily extends beyond encounters with the health care system or the treatment and recovery from illness.
  • HPM researchers conduct and disseminate research to improve health systems, generating scientific evidence that can be translated into improved health policies and practices for primary care delivery, HIV/AIDS, addiction, social and climate issues and more.