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Office of the Dean

Leading in a New World of Public Health
Photo by Brad Clift
Dean Sten Vermund

The Yale School of Public Health’s mission and ethos revolve around the concept of community. Embodying the type of impact they strive to have on society, YSPH’s students and faculty devote themselves to ideals of care, collaboration, and change and place them at the heart of public health. Helping spearhead more inclusive and socially conscious health practices at YSPH is its Dean, Sten Vermund.

Dean Vermund is not only an expert practitioner of public health but also brings a spirit of modernity and innovation to public health education that our ever-transitioning world necessitates. His career is marked by a global focus, with special attention given to often overlooked communities. He has been on the forefront of HIV/AIDS studies and policy, helping to develop novel strategies for HIV care and prevention both domestically and abroad. What’s more, as an epidemiologist, he has concentrated his learnings from a decorated academic career to providing equitable and effective health practices in low- and middle-income countries.

Dean Vermund’s inclusive and global orientation is as much a testament to his leadership within public health as it is a guiding force for YSPH’s approach at large. Through the InnovateHealth Yale internships, for example, students are similarly encouraged to concentrate their ideas and efforts towards social innovations in health around the globe. This program alone has spawned over 40 public health related start-ups, providing students with real world experience innovating at the international level. Dean Vermund heads the companion Sustainable Health Initiative that nurtures global health social entrepreneur start-up companies within the Yale Institute for Global Health.

In addition to a global focus, diversity and inclusion have become deeply woven into the fabric of the YSPH experience under Dean Vermund. His establishment of an Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) has pulled together faculty, administrators, and students to help shape an approach to public health and its pedagogy that more accurately reflects the diverse and multicultural populations which public health experts aim to serve. Beyond cultivating an inclusive community consisting of diverse backgrounds and identities, YSPH’s newest teaching programs aim to introduce students to the equity, justice and advocacy-related considerations that are crucial to public health policy.

Dean Vermund has pushed the boundaries of what a career in public health can offer to the world through his passion of infectious disease epidemiology. His work as a pediatrician, focused on individualized care, translate towards his personal commitment to YSPH students as a committed educator. Gleaning inspiration from Dean Vermund’s career, students at YSPH are reminded that health, at its core, is about serving people. By nature of YSPH’s low student- faculty ratio and its myriad opportunities for 1-on-1 mentorship, Dean Vermund has furthered a learning environment built upon personal care and connection, designed to train and inspire the next generation of public health leaders.

YSPH on the Issues

Dean Sten Vermund on the role of public health in a political climate that is hostile to scientific evidence.