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YSPH Alumni Engagement Program

I love the opportunity to engage with students who will be our next generation of young professionals. I really like being able to share the path I took in public health and giving the students ideas for what their paths could look like.

Caroline Stampfel, MPH
Alumni Mentor

Program Overview

The Alumni Engagement Program (AEP) was created to provide opportunities for YSPH alumni and students to have meaningful interactions. In addition to mentoring, the AEP also offers “transactional” type activities which require a significantly shorter time commitment than our traditional mentor program.

A new addition for Academic Year 23-24 is an expansion of the offerings to include “Recent Graduates.” We consider anyone who graduated in the last five years a “Recent Graduate” and have designed this program to allow recent alumni to connect with other YSPH alumni for career advice, mentoring, networking, etc. While less strictly defined than our student programs, the goal is to provide our newest public health professionals the support and guidance that they may need as they embark on their career path.

The tabs above will bring you to a collection of resources and descriptions to aid you in choosing the opportunities you would like to participate in.