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Two-year MPH

A Flexible Degree for Your Future
The M.P.H. is well suited for individuals from a variety of academic and experience backgrounds seeking a career in public health. The two-year program consists of twenty course units over four semesters and a summer internship. Students study within one of our six academic departments or the Health Care Management program and have the option to add one of our six concentrations or tracks. The program ensures a solid grounding in the basic and applied sciences, provides specificity in a functional area of public health work, allows students the flexibility to tailor their courses their interests and provides students with learning experiences in the field.

The Executive MPH is an innovative program that blends comprehensive online education with in-person management and leadership training on the Yale campus, creating a unique and powerful educational experience.
This program is designed for students with extensive education or experience and clear goals in public health.
Many of our students envision a career deeply steeped in cross-disciplinary work.

The Master of Science (MS) degree program in Public Health is designed with an emphasis on mastering skills in biostatistics, chronic disease epidemiology, epidemiology of infectious diseases, or health informatics. The program focuses on the theory and application of statistical methodology in biomedical science, the foundations behind clinical research in epidemiology and the practice of informatics across clinical and public health domains. The program is suited for student interested in entering the work force, continuing their education in PhD programs and clinicians. 

Unless stated otherwise, students can enroll full time or part time.

The mission of the Doctor of Philosophy program is to provide scholars with the disciplinary background and skills required to contribute to the development of our understanding of better ways of measuring, maintaining, and improving the public’s health.

Comparative Charts on the MPH and MS Programs

Which Program is Best for Me?