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  • Public health solutions are key to preventing firearm violence

    Young men living in the Chicago and Philadelphia ZIP codes with the most shooting deaths face greater firearm-related risk than did soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. Researchers from Brown University and other Northeast institutions examined public data on all fatal and nonfatal shootings for men between 18 and 29 in 2020 and 2021 in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. This study was cited by AMA member Megan Ranney, MD, MPH, the incoming dean for the Yale University School of Public Health, during a recent episode the AMA “Prioritizing Equity” video series in which panelists discussed the need for public health approaches to firearm violence.

    Source: AMA
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  • YSPH student finds purpose in public health and art

    Mary L. Peng, MPH '23 (Social & Behavioral Sciences), is an explorer by nature, a seeker of knowledge in as many areas as she can absorb. The COVID-19 pandemic sharpened her focus and led her to the Yale School of Public Health, where she has worked to incorporate art, technology, clinical neuroscience, and social and behavioral sciences to improve individual and public health.

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  • Jennifer Mandelbaum keeps a hand in academia as a lecturer

    Jennifer Mandelbaum, MPH ’16 (Social & Behavioral Sciences, Global Health Concentration), is a healthcare economics consultant at Optum (part of UnitedHealth Group), but keeps a hand in academia as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Community Health at Tufts University.

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Yale School of Public Health in the Media: 2022

Yale School of Public Health experts were widely featured in local, national, and global news outlets in 2022. Our experts provided important insight and context on a variety of critical public health topics and breaking news, including the mpox outbreak, the COVID pandemic, potential human rights violations in Ukraine, environmental health, mental health, health equity, and much more.

Overall, the Yale School of Public Health had 15,200 media mentions, with the potential reach of 306.4 million people, equating to $32.8 million in publicity value.