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Environmental-related health outcomes

Multidisciplinary studies are necessary to evaluate and identify potential environmental influences and gene-environmental interactions in relation to various health outcomes including cancer, reproductive and children’s health, neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders, and chronic, endocrine, and metabolic diseases.

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Faculty and Research Topics
  • Kai Chen
    • Dr. Chen's research focuses on the intersection of climate change, air pollution, and human health. He researches how extreme temperature and ambient air pollution independently and interactively impact on aging populations under a changing climate.
  • Nicole Deziel
  • Robert Dubrow
  • Caroline Johnson
  • Brian Leaderer
  • Zeyan Liew
  • Krystal Pollitt
  • Vasilis Vasiliou
    • Dr. Vasiliou’s research focuses on investigating the etiologies and molecular mechanisms of environmentally-induced human disease that includes liver disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer by utilizing metabolomics, lipidomics, redox proteomics, exposomics, tissue imaging mass spectrometry, machine-learning, as well as human cohorts and genetically-engineered mouse models.
  • Joshua Wallach

Secondary Faculty: