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EMD Lightning Talks

Explore this series of captivating videos featuring esteemed faculty from the EMD department as they illuminate their areas of expertise and groundbreaking research.

  • Lightning Talk about Capsule Switching in Streptococcus pneumoniae by Anna York

    Anna York, BSc (Hon), PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health.

    In the video, Anna talks about her research which focuses on investigating metabolic and genetic restrictions that may determine which serotypes can undergo capsule switching in Streptococcus pneumoniae. An improved understanding of capsule switching could lead to better prediction of serotype replacement events and inform on serotype selection for next generation polysaccharide conjugate vaccines (PCVs).

  • Lightning Talk Tsetse Flies and their associated microorganisms by Brian Weiss

    Brian Weiss, PhD, Senior Research Scientist in Epidemiology and Lecturer (Microbial Diseases); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

    Tsetse flies are obligate vectors of pathogenic African trypanosomes. Tsetse also harbor a population-specific assortment of bacterial endosymbionts that mediate many aspects of the fly’s physiology, including susceptibility to infection with trypanosomes and reproduction. The ultimate goal of my research is interrupt the tsetse fly-endosymbiont association in an effort to reduce disease control.

  • Lightning Talk about Humanitarian Research Lab by Kaveh Khoshnood

    Kaveh Khoshnood, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases); Track Director, Critical Topics, Executive MPH; Program Co-Director, Global Health Ethics Program, Yale Institute for Global Health; Faculty Director of Humanitarian Research Lab.

    In the video, Kaveh talks about the Humanitarian Research Lab (HRL), a group of faculty and students who are dedicated to researching and addressing humanitarian crises throughout the world.

  • Lightning Talk about Tuberculosis by Luke Davis

    Luke Davis, MD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases) and of Medicine (Pulmonary); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

    In the video, Luke talks about his implementation research focus, the complexities of tuberculosis, and its impact on global health.

  • Lightning Talk about Genomics by Nate Grubaugh

    Nate Grubaugh, PhD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

    In this video, Nate talks about how virus genomics can help answer questions about disease ecology and epidemiology.