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Maternal and Child Health

Yale School of Public Health scientists are researching a range of maternal and child health conditions and behaviors to promote healthier outcomes for mothers and their newborns. This work includes genetic susceptibilities and nutritional and environmental exposures during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Additionally, YSPH focuses on the impacts that mental health, poverty and other disparities have on maternal and child health. This research is implemented through prospective birth cohorts, pre-conception cohorts, randomized controlled trials and mass spectrometry analysis.

Our research areas include:

  • Miscarriage risks
  • Air pollution exposure and fetal growth
  • Obesity and how it affects gestational diabetes on childhood metabolic health
  • Genetic pathways associated with pre-eclampsia and childhood asthma
  • Breastfeeding promotion and policy
  • Maternal mental health outcomes
  • Housing access and health equity

Recent Publications