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Careers in Public Health

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An education in public health provides students with the toolkit necessary to discover high impact solutions to the world’s most pressing and puzzling health problems. Yale School of Public Health arms students with an extensive network of academic and professional resources to ensure that its students graduate into forefront roles within the industry. YSPH and the doors which it opens are for individuals who are passionate about the wellbeing of populations, admire innovation and creativity, and seek a career that adapts to their experience and passions.

Some of today’s most urgent challenges take place not within boardrooms or legislative chambers but within communities, neighborhoods and workforces. These complex problems require solutions that are not only systemic and empirical but also empathetic and resilient. YSPH students are ever bold in taking on these challenges through research, policy and consultant roles - fortifying societies by serving individuals. YSPH is for students who want careers that resonate broadly and enact tangible change, and its alumni network is composed of individuals who seek to have an impact at scale.

The concept of public health takes on many shapes and forms and so too do the pathways and roles our students take on. Part and parcel of YSPH’s commitment to broad impact is its encouragement of interdisciplinary and creative thinking. The problems which public health experts confront demand similarly integrative and nuanced solutions. A public health education makes room for the analytics of statistics and hard sciences, the behavioral considerations of psychology and sociology, and the process-oriented skill sets of politics and advocacy. This interdisciplinary focus creates not only an inclusive ecosystem of ideas, backgrounds and interests but also encourages collaboration and cross-pollination between fields. For students juggling passions or looking to apply multiple fields of study towards a joint cause, a public health degree offers the opportunity to ensure that any range of interests has impact and purpose. Public health students eagerly dive into professions such as epidemiology, global health advisors, research analysts, non-profit leaders, educators and many other meaningful positions that serve to drive better health outcomes.

How can we make healthcare more equitable while maintaining its economic feasibility? What insights, behavioral and biological, will allow us to get ahead of the next pandemic? Which standards of care should we codify across the international community? How can grassroots movements encourage institutional changes in healthcare policy? The answers to these questions, and many others alike, lie within the field of public health. At YPSH, academic resources, professional mentorship offerings and opportunities for social innovation await for students looking to transition to a career that will tackle these questions head-on.