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External Funding

How to Search for External Funding

Before you begin researching outside resources, be sure to familiarize yourself with the basics of scholarship scams to ensure you’re applying through trustworthy organizations that will keep your information safe.

While there is no one comprehensive place to find funding opportunities for Public Health students, the resources below are a good place to start. In general, the largest awards will have the most competition, and therefore a more in-depth application process. Smaller scholarships may require less time and materials to apply.

Check out these tips for an efficient and effective search!

  • Start with process of elimination. Most people find a handful of scholarships that might be a good fit, so it’s best to start with narrowing the list down to those applicable to you.
  • As you find scholarships that are a good fit, put the deadlines on your calendar! If you’ve missed this deadline for the coming year, you can put it on your calendar for next year if you’ll be continuing your education.
  • Don’t forget to search for scholarships in your community (section below)!

In the rare case your external funding covers full tuition you are not eligible for scholarships from YSPH, and your total financial aid may not exceed the total estimated costs for the year.

Last, we want to keep this page useful to you! If you find a great resource you think should be included, or if you have any feedback on the resources listed, let us know by emailing financial aid.

Finding Scholarships in your Community

Some organizations offer scholarships or tuition benefits only to their community members, which means they might not be advertised on the web! So, if they’re not on the web, how do you find them?

Think about your community - professional organizations, social clubs, religious organizations, and affinity groups. Many smaller organizations don’t have formal scholarship programs, but it never hurts to ask! They might say no, but if they say yes, you’ll have a good shot as a member of a community that already knows you!

Examples include information about tuition benefits may exist on an internal employer’s website, your sorority might only advertise to alums, or your professional association might put information in their newsletter.

Scholarship Search

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