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Alumni Fund

Purpose: To promote fund-raising from alumni to the YSPH for the purpose of providing critically needed current use funding for student financial aid in order to facilitate recruitment and retention of the best and brightest students.


Purpose: To identify recipients for all the awards that AYAPH bestows. Some of these are annual (e.g., Distinguished Alumni Award), and some may be periodic (e.g., Eric Mood New Professional Award).

Business and Industry

Purpose: To provide a means of communication between the AYAPH and business and industry in order to facilitate cooperation, determine mutual interests and assess ability to collaborate on research, student support and student placement; and to enlist faculty support from those whose interest and expertise meld with those of business and industry. Goals: Stipends for students, scholarships, support for faculty research, placement of students.


Purpose: To (1) review the AYAPH by-laws and constitution as requested by the AYAPH Board (Board); and (2) amend, and present to the Board for discussion, an updated version of the by-laws and constitution; and (3) prepare policy statements and standards of conduct for the Board that are consistent with good governance practices and advancing the mission of the AYAPH.

Emerging Majority Affairs

Purpose: To ensure that the interests and impact of underrepresented students of African and Latin descent (the emerging majority) are considered in all matters concerning the Yale School of Public Health.


Purpose: To raise funds on behalf of the YSPH. Strategies to be deployed will not compete with the School's annual alumni fundraising campaign or Yale's corporate development committee. The
Committee will explore viable strategies and make recommendations to the AYAPH Board of Directors.

Global Health

Purpose: To be the vehicle through which the interest, capabilities and commitment of alumni with interest in global health can be made available to the faculty, staff and programs of the YSPH via a partnership established between the Division of Global Health, the Office of Alumni Affairs and the AYAPH. The goals of the committee are to identify specific opportunities to involve alumni in relevant activities of the school in a variety of ways, each of which optimizes the sharing of alumni interest and experience for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, the School and the broader Yale community.

Membership Committee

Purpose: To develop and implement an action plan for AYAPH Board and general membership development. The committee is also responsible for supporting and promoting the engagement of Board members and alumni in AYAPH initiatives.

Nominating and Membership

Purpose: To fill any vacancies on the AYAPH Board that are the result of attrition or the completion of a Board member’s term.

Strategic Planning

Purpose: To lead the development of the AYAPH strategic plan. The committee is also responsible for ensuring the plan’s execution and monitoring its progress.

Student Recruitment & Networking

Purpose: To serve as a liaison between AYAPH, the Director of Admissions, and the Director of Career Services in order to enhance student recruitment and networking between current students and alumni. The goals of the Committee are to:

  • Collaborate with the Director of Admissions to actively recruit students.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Career Services to connect current students with alumni.
  • Increase student representation from specific geographic areas with the least number of representation (South, Midwest).
  • Increase student representation from underrepresented minority groups.