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Jan A. J. Stolwijk Fellowship

Collecting vegetable samples in the field

The Stolwijk Fellowship is annually awarded to first year MPH students from all YSPH departments to support a summer research project or internship related to environmental health sciences.

The fellowship was established to honor the life and work of Dr. Jan A.J. Stolwijk Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Epidemiology and Public Health. Dr. Stolwijk is known for his contributions to environmental policy and risk management and particularly for his work on thermophysiology and indoor air quality.

Since 2000, this fellowship has funded 88 students (with representation from each YSPH department).

The Stolwijk Fellowship provides support for projects that explore innovative and creative approaches to environmental public health issues, in particular:

  • Hypothesis-driven research
  • Field experience or experiential learning project
  • Environmental health policy or applied intervention project

Application Process

Students apply for the Stolwijk Fellowship through the Yale Grants & Fellowships database.

For additional information, contact: Prof. Krystal Pollitt or Damaris Faustine.

Fellowships Help Student Study Abroad

As a recipient of two Yale School of Public Health fellowships, Matthew Benczkowski was able to conduct epidemiological research in Colombia to enhance his education in global health.

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Student Spotlight - Elizabeth Lin

When Elizabeth Lin was in elementary school, news of over-population and housing shortages kindled a dream to be an engineer, building safe, energy- and cost-efficient high-rise buildings. In high school, Elizabeth participated in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Mentor Program (ACE) in Boston which helped her earn a 4-year scholarship to pursue a degree in civil and environmental engineering at UMass Amherst. Visiting relatives back in China one winter, she became deeply concerned about air quality, both indoors and out. Elizabeth started to wonder what she could do to help people understand air pollution and its impacts on their health and led her to work on personal exposure technology with Dr. Krystal Pollitt, who was then at UMASS Amherst.

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