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Our Students

Our students represent the depth and breadth of the health professions, as well as related fields. Some come with decades of experience, and others are in the early stages of their careers. All come with a passion to learn, a desire to lead, and an interest in the world and each other. Read on to meet some of our current EMPH students and learn more about the class demographics.
  • EMPH - Class of 2023

    Demographics - Class of 2023

    Students with Advanced Degrees


    Age Range

    Our students range in age from 28-63 years old.

    Work Experience

    Median of 11.5 years

    States Represented

    • Eastern: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
    • Central: Oklahoma, Texas
    • Mountain: Colorado, New Mexico
    • Pacific: Arizona, California, Washington
  • EMPH - Class of 2024

    Demographics - Class of 2024

    Students with Advanced Degrees


    Age Range

    Our students range in age from 25-58 years old.

    Work Experience

    Median of 12 years

    States Represented

    • Eastern: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania
    • Central: Illinois, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin
    • Mountain: Colorado, New Mexico
    • Pacific: Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington

Meet Some Current and Past EMPH Students

Professional Backgrounds of our Students

Business, Law, Community Development

Health Administration, Public Relations, Health Economics, Health Research, Health Policy, Real Estate Development, Law, Customer Success Manager, Low-income Housing, Data Analyst, Business Consulting, Alzheimer’s Care Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Business Development, Quality Assurance, Health Education, Financial Management, Pharmaceutical Operations, Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Program Management, Biotechnology Patient and Product Services.

Health Sciences

Nursing/Behavioral Oncology, Public Health and Occupational Health Nursing, Paramedic, Pedodontics, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatry, Music Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, Respiratory Therapy, Pediatric Nursing, Psychology, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy.

And Physicians in the following areas:

Hospitalists in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine (Infectious Disease, Cardiology), Occupational Medicine, Pathology, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Urology.

Yale professional student Nathan Earl uses personal experience to help eradicate human trafficking

Nathan Earl’s road could have dead-ended – literally – at age 29. Instead, the human trafficking survivor found meaning in life, and his way to recovery from violence, trauma, and substance dependency and out of the cycle of violence and trauma. Now a student in YSPH Executive MPH (EMPH) program, he’s using his experiences to help male youth at risk of violence and exploitation.

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