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Mental Health

Using the latest research methods and community interventions, researchers at the Yale School of Public Health seek to understand and improve mental health outcomes in a variety of contexts. These include:

  • How substance use affects mental health
  • Attitudes and stigma toward aging and its effects on mental health
  • The effects of caregiving on the mental health of the caregiver and patient
  • Interventions to improve mental health outcomes in the LGBTQ community
  • The effect of stigma, discrimination and racism on mental health
  • How use of emerging technologies improve mental health outcomes
  • Interventions to improve mental health and reduce suicide in global settings
  • How maternal depression affects birth outcomes and parenting
  • Resilience of refugees and the role of violence and trauma in their lives
  • Survivorship
  • How one’s social networks and physical environment influence their mental health
  • Health care use and policy influence on mental health

Recent Publications