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Public Health Fellows

  • Ashley Sanchez

    Brown University

    Agency: CT Cancer Partnership

    Assessment of Barriers and Facilitators to Cancer Control Services at the Local Health District Level

  • Elizabeth Malone

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

    Elizabeth will be trained to become a Study Coordinator and work on updates for research staff and training

  • Ellery Neiderer

    Yale University

    Agency:Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

    Ellery will assume the role of Study Coordinator on one or more studies in one or more PPSNE Health Centers.

  • Francesca Testa

    Quinnipiac University

    Agency: CT Department of Public Health, Policy and Regulatory

    Francesca is supporting the legal and policy staff with regulatory and statutory research, conducting cross-state research and comparative analyses.

  • Fiona Palmieri

    Southern CT State University

    Agency: East Shore District Health Department

    Fiona will be gathering data on mental health and drug harm reduction, including investigating local resources and partners in the East Shore area.

  • John Mucha

    Southern CT State University

    Agency: Naugatuck Valley Health District

    Mental Health Research and Resource Guide Development

  • Katelyn Kostakis

    Yale University

    Agency: Central CT Health District, Community Health

    Evaluate the Chronic Disease Prevention Program, a district four-wide walking competition. This program aids to reduce chronic disease through increasing physical activity.

  • Kelsi McCarthy

    Fairfield University

    Agency: CT DPH, Community, Family and Health Equity

    Maternal and Child Health Fellowship with WIC program. Support the development and implementation of new pilot intervention, Pacify.

  • Kubi-Ayana Walters

    Quinnipiac University

    Agency-New Haven Health Department

    Develop and promote a peer sex educator program model to include best practices and program designs to become a peer educator.

  • Kush Shanker

    Yale University

    Agency: SalivaDirect

    Kush is working on data collection, compilation, and reporting for understanding regulatory reporting for diagnostic tests.

  • Leslie Bumpus


    Agency: CT DPH, Office of Oral Health

    Develop messaging for statewide media campaign on how oral health inegrates with overall health. Develop presentations and provider hand-outs.

  • Makayla Dawkins


    Agency: CT DPH, Ryan White Part B Program

    Hold focus groups with low income people living with HIV to quantify quality of life.

  • Marissa Pocevic

    Quinnipiac School of Law

    Agency: Milford Health Department

    Conduct a rotation through every division: community health, environmental health, public health nursing, and emergency preparedness working on specific assigned projects.

  • Martin Agbalenyo

    Southern CT State University

    Agency: Greater Bridgeport Area Preventative Program

    Design a social media campaign to promote awareness of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Mateo Rufo

    Fairfield University

    Agency: Naugatuck Valley Health District

    Design a community vision approach and plan that would increase the Maternal Health Coalition's capacity to advocate, practice and regulate breastfeeding in the workplace law at local employers worksites.

  • Mia Grzywinski

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Agency-CT Department of Public Health, State Laboratory

    Validate a new test assay that will help to confirm an enteric pathogen for surveillance purposes.
  • Nabila Salisu

    New York University

    Agency-CT Department of Public Health, Waterborne Disease

    Responsible for epidemiological follow-up on reportable waterborne diseases in Connecticut.
  • Nicholas Cairo-Devlin

    Southern New Hampshire University

    Agency- East Shore District Health Department

    Nicholas will develop and facilitate a health education program and assist with data collection methods and develop health communication materials.

  • Nicholas Hall

    University of Connecticut

    Agency: CT Department of Public Health, Office of Public Health Workforce Development

    Nicholas is researching topics relating to the physician workforce and access to care, drafting presentation materials, and preparing drafts of portions of the final report to be submitted to the General Assembly.

  • Reeya Vora

    University of Pittsburgh

    Agency-CT Department of Public Health, Primary Care Office

    Analyze healthcare workforce data for trends, gaps, and shortfalls in care.
  • Sadia Safwi

    Yale University

    Agency: CT DPH, Stroke Registry

    Assist in developing work plan and evaluation plan for the Stroke Registry.

  • Sarah Evans

    Sacred Heart University

    Agency: Stamford Health Department

    Supporting a healthy Stamford through health promotion, education and communication

  • Sarah Esenther

    Brown University

    Agency: East Shore District Health Department, Short Beach Association

    Sarah be assisting in research to determine which species is responsible for water contamination.

  • Shane Lister

    Southern CT State University

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

    Shane will be coordinating IRB submission, developing informed consent documents, collecting specimens, and will be collecting demographic data on clients for ongoing research studies.

  • Tatyana Simms

    American International College

    Agency: East Hartford Health Department

    Tatyana will work with epidemiologic and biostatistical summaries of public health data to develop statistical summaries based on demographic, underlying conditions, risk factors, and outcomes.

  • Tyanna Stewart

    University of Hartford

    Agency: West Hartford Bloomfield Health District

    Tyanna participates in health education programming. This includes reviewing data to assess program needs, providing recommendations, proposing evidence-based activities and interventions, researching existing programs, assisting in program development and implementation, and program evaluation.