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CT PHFP Fellowship Stipend Application Process and Instructions

Are you a student with a project or field placement with a Connecticut public health agency? Paid fellowships are available to college and university students interested in exploring careers in Connecticut’s public health system.

The eligible student must be:

  • a 3rd or 4th-year undergraduate or graduate student in an accredited academic institution,
  • US citizen, non-citizen US national, or a foreign national having a visa permitting permanent resident of the United States and
  • Not receiving other federals funds for their field placement

Students interested in a paid fellowship with a public health agency are encouraged to contact an agency or unit that matches their academic and professional interests. Together with the public health agency or preceptor, a fellowship placement can develop a role that explores a public health career, build competencies, and supports the agency’s mission.

The host agency preceptor must complete the Field Placement Proposal Application, and it must be approved by PHFP before a Fellowship Stipend Application is submitted.

Student-driven Process

fellows chart flow

Placement Opportunities

Students find placements in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Connect with an academic program advisor or faculty member about professional contacts in your area of interest.
  • Apply through an open internship opportunity or program through the host agency's website.
  • Email local health district/department in your area to see if they are interested in hosting a student.
  • Explore current host agencies partnered with CT PHFP seeking student fellows.
    - Please note that although students must be US Citizens or non-citizen US nationals, most host agencies are still able to host international students in unpaid internship placements.
Explore current public health placement opportunities in Connecticut.