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Yale School of Public Health Funded Grants

How Grants Improve Public Health

Our research addresses public health approaches to achieving health equity and justice, preventing the next public health threat, or advancing planetary health, often using multidisciplinary data science approaches to improve health outcomes and the way we deliver health care. Some research focuses on Yale’s home state, Connecticut, while others tackle national and world health problems. Highlighted research topics from 2022 include:

Research Highlights

In 2022, YSPH faculty published more than 1,000 publications covering a broad spectrum of pressing public health matters. These appeared in top scientific journals including JAMA, Science, NEJM, and Nature — often in collaboration with other Yale University faculty, but also with peers from other academic institutions in the U.S. and beyond. Of these publications, more than 330 or one-third of the manuscripts had a YSPH faculty member as a first or last author.

Below we list a representative sample of our research: