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Admissions and the Student Experience at YSPH

Innovating through Collaboration

When you come to the Yale School of Public Health, you join a community. This community — of peers, mentors, collaborators, alumni and professional staff — is dedicated to nurturing your intellectual and professional success in the field of public health. At Yale, you will learn from national and international leaders in science-based public policy, health interventions and basic research so that you may step into a career with impact. The Yale School of Public Health offers many opportunities for innovation and collaboration, and students are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary nature of public health through coursework and collaboration across the University. Never has this been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw an unprecedented from response across the school. If you are eager to have impact while building your toolkit and credentials in public health, Yale may be the place for you. Learn more about our students, alumni, student services and admissions process here.