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The Rapid Response Fund for Global Outbreaks

Innovating Through Investment

Funding for front-line emergency needs and pilot projects

When global outbreaks occur, YSPH faculty are called upon to use their renowned expertise to research the problem, understand its threats, and implement solutions in real-time. In such crises, time is of the essence. Our faculty respond by offering immediate help to communities and countries worldwide and often traveling to the front lines of the outbreaks to stop the spread of disease.

To support their efforts, YSPH launched the Rapid Response Fund for Global Outbreaks to enable faculty and students to prepare for and respond to any emerging threat, be it in New Haven or anywhere in the world their expertise is needed.

When COVID-19 presented an imminent threat to the world, the Rapid Response Fund was put to immediate use, supporting pilot projects aimed at understanding the genomics, spread, treatment, and global impacts of the virus. Today, the Rapid Response Fund continues its impact, providing just-in-time support for a wide range of public health threats. From investigations of human rights abuses in Ukraine to support for newly emerging viruses, the Rapid Response Fund empowers our faculty and students to respond with expertise and technology while working with professional networks and governments worldwide.

Please consider supporting the Rapid Response Fund for Global Outbreaks today. Gifts to the fund accelerate essential data needed to power innovation in research and progress in the global fight against pandemic threats. Recent contributions to the fund have had an enormous impact. Findings from pilot projects have been leveraged in subsequent grant applications, resulting in millions of dollars in government grants. Learn about nine new pilot projects funded through the Rapid Response fund, which have helped significantly advance understanding and treating Covid-19.

To make a gift online, visit the For Humanity website.