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I truly believe that the MPH program in Health Care Management at Yale School of Public Health will provide me with comprehensive insight into management in the context of health care while equipping me with the invaluable skills needed to improve the health of populations.

Dr. Oreoluwa Arowojolu, M.P.H. ’23
Co-founder of Armack Enterprises

Accelerated MBA/MPH in Health Care Management

The Class of 2020 at the School of Management.

This innovative program, the first of its kind in the United States, enables students to earn an MBA and an MPH in just 22 months through intensive study at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and the Yale School of Management (SOM). Qualified students will complete core coursework in management and public health, providing them with knowledge and skills to become leaders in health care organizations across the globe.

Coursework begins in the summer at YSPH. Students will complete degree requirements through a combination of required and elective courses at SOM and YSPH. Elective coursework may be taken at SOM, YSPH or another Yale school. Additionally, students will participate in SOM’s International Experience, and will complete an internship in the health care industry in the summer between their first and second year.

This joint degree program requires that applicants apply and gain admission to both schools. For more information about SOM’s application procedures and requirements, please see SOM’s admissions page.


2023-24 Matriculation
Students begin the program with an intensive summer session at YSPH, where they complete MPH core courses in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The first fall and spring semesters are spent at SOM, and students take courses at both schools during the remaining final year. In this program, students complete a minimum of 14 course units at YSPH and 52 course units at SOM. Full time students at YSPH must carry a minimum of 4 course units each semester. If a course is waived, a substitute course must be identified.

MPH Required Core Courses (6 course units)

  • BIS 515 Accelerated Biostatistics - 2 units
  • SBS 505 Accelerated Social Foundations of Health - 1 unit
  • CDE 515 Accelerated Epidemiology - 1 unit
  • EPH 100 or 101 Professional Skills Series - n/a
  • EPH 510 Health Policy and Health Care Systems - 1 unit
  • EPH 513 Major Health Threats - 1 unit

HCM Department Required Courses (6 course units)

  • HPM 570 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Decision Making - 1 unit
  • HPM 583 Methods in Health Services Research - 1 unit
  • MGT 699 Colloquium in Health Care Leadership (two semesters)* - 0.5 units
  • HPM 688 Managing Health Care in Complex Systems (capstone) - 1 unit
  • MGT 698 Health Care Policy, Finance, and Economics - 1 unit

One Global Health Leadership Elective: Choose from the Global Health Concentration list.

One of the following:

  • HPM 595 Food and Drug Administration Law - 1 unit
  • MGT 663 Innovation, Investments, and New Frontiers in Medicine - 0.5 unit
  • MGT 657 Creating Healthcare and Life Sciences Ventures (.5) - 0.5 unit
  • MGT 668 Narratives in Health Media on the Social Internet - 0.5 unit
  • MGT 995 Sustainable Innovations - 0.5 unit

Elective Courses

1-2 Course Units, dependent on Practice Requirement credits.

Public Health Practice Requirement

One of the following:
  • EPH 500 Public Health Practicum - 1 unit
  • EPH 501 U.S. Health Justice Concentration Practicum - 1 unit
  • EPH 520 Summer Internship (Must be approved by YSPH Office of Public Health Practice) - n/a
  • EPH 555 Practicum in Climate Change, Sustainability and PH - 1 unit
  • EMD/SBS 588 Health Justice Practicum - 1 unit
  • EMD/SBS 596 Health Justice: Theory to Practice - 1 unit
  • HPM 555 Health Care Management Practicum - 1 unit
  • HPM 556 Advanced Health Policy Practicum - 1 unit
  • SBS 541 Community Health Program Evaluation - 1 unit