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Quality, Efficiency and Equity of Healthcare

As metrics for health system performance have become more extensive and nuanced, shortfalls in quality, disparities in health care access, treatment, and outcomes, and inconsistencies in health system performance have been more fully identified. HPM faculty have extensive portfolios of research exploring the origins of these shortfalls, the factors that might promote improved performance, and the capacity of policy interventions to catalyze those changes. The scope of this research include both domestic and global settings, health care and its intersection with social services, the crucial role of health care providers and individual consumers in shaping outcomes, and the broader structural determinants of those outcomes.

There is a strong focus on the nature and determinants of variation within the health care system. This includes variations in prices, in access to the best quality providers, in contracting arrangements between health plans and providers, and on the uneven implementation of health policies across different jurisdictions.