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Join the YSPH Alumni LinkedIn Group:
The YSPH LinkedIn group is over 1,200 members strong and is open to all alumni and current students of YSPH. Reap the professional rewards of your YSPH degree and grow your Yale network!
Connect with the Yale School of Public Health
on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube— Social media is where you’ll find current YSPH news, lectures, tweets and alumni news.
Yale Career Network
Cross Campus—a database of all Yale University alumni who are interested in networking with fellow alumni and current students.
Connect with Yale Alums on Cross Campus

Cross Campus is Yale’s new, online networking, community-building and mentoring platform. In these hard times, Cross Campus draws Yale’s community closer through exchanges of advice, wisdom and ideas. Alums share what they’ve learned. Students can network, get advice, and get one-on-one coaching from Yalies who have “been in their shoes.”

How to get started:

  • Go to and click “Join”
  • Create your profile (e.g., photo, headline, location, LinkedIn, resume, education, etc.)
  • Include your desired discussion topics and fields of interest
  • Click on “Find Other Yalies” – and connect with alumni!
Yale Alumni Online Community
Yale Online Alumni Community—a searchable database of Yale alumni across the globe who have registered to be connected.