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Continuing Education and Workforce Development

The field of public health is ever changing and the needs and competencies required of its experts is ever expanding. Here at the Yale School of Public Health, we offer a variety of short and long-term continuing education and workforce development opportunities for public health professionals worldwide, utilizing a variety of teaching models, including online and webinar platforms and in-person intensive classroom experiences. Looking for a particular subject area or training at your location? YSPH is here to help.


Take the next step in your biomedical, clinical, and public health career through the Coursera MasterTrack Certificate Program in Health Informatics.
An 18-week program giving you tools you need to address the health impacts of climate change
Are you interested in taking courses at the Yale School of Public Health without matriculating into the MPH program?
The OPHP team offers workshops, webinars and distance learning opportunities in partnership with public health professional associations, governmental agencies and community-based organizations.
Interested in exploring a new aspect of public health or enjoying one of our outstanding teachers? Take one of our Coursera courses on global health, climate change and health or health behavior change.
Participants will gain knowledge of the key components of clinical trials including but not limited to trial phase and design, randomization schemes, selection of outcome, and appropriate statistical analysis including sample size and power considerations, ethics, and regulatory affairs.
Presented by the Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability (Y-PHES) at the Yale Center for Climate Change and Health
The Yale School of Public Health’s Summer Course in Public Health Modeling is an exciting opportunity to learn to understand and implement the latest techniques from distinguished Yale faculty and network with an international group of public health researchers.
Capacity building for research and public health practice remains a priority in many countries throughout the world. As part of its focus on global health, faculty at the Yale School of Public Health partner with international partners to present leadership and training programs both in their countries and for short courses at the Yale School of Public Health.