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Clinical Director and Faculty Member, Yale-New Haven Hospital Pediatric Dental Center - Meet Lauren DiBenedetto

January 19, 2023

EMPH Spotlight: Lauren DiBenedetto, EMPH ’24

Why did you choose to attend the Yale School of Public Health’s Executive MPH program?

I chose the YSPH EMPH program because I have been a part of the close-knit Yale community since 2009 and feel a sense of belonging here in New Haven. I have always wanted to pursue my Master of Public Health degree and the Executive MPH program allows me to do this while maintaining my career. This program offers a unique blend of engaged faculty, dynamic lectures, and a cohort of students from different backgrounds with multiple perspectives.

What is your current occupation?

I am a pediatric dentist and serve as the Clinical Director and full-time faculty member at the Yale-New Haven Hospital Pediatric Dental Center.

What are your favorite aspects of the Executive MPH program?

I love the sense community with my cohort. Even before meeting in person, we formed a close-knit, supportive friendship and learning team. It is pretty incredible to be surrounded by such talented, intelligent, and diverse individuals from all over the country who represent many perspectives in the world of public health. I enjoy learning about my classmates’ unique viewpoints based on their life and work experiences.

How do you balance working full-time with the demands of the program?

This is certainly a challenge, and it has taken some time to adjust my new schedule! Classes are in the evening, so I have time to get home and spend time with my family before attending class. The classwork is interesting and the faculty is engaging, so it does not feel like a chore to attend. I make sure to keep up with my classwork so I don't feel like I am too overloaded at any point.

How do you hope to apply the training and education you receive through the EMPH program to your future endeavors?

My epidemiology and biostatistics classes have already helped with creating and analyzing research projects at work. I see a lot of opportunities that I hadn't considered previously, and I think this experience has really opened my mind to the possible directions that my career can take. I know that this program will help with my leadership skills and give me a more well-rounded perspective on community health, which is where my heart lies.

Would you recommend the Executive MPH program to others, and why?

Yes, absolutely! There is something really special about being a part of the Yale community, learning from world-renowned faculty, and interacting with leaders in a diverse array of health care environments.

Submitted by Sabrina Lacerda Naia dos Santos on January 20, 2023