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Alumni Spotlight: Aykhan Alibayli continues to pursue his passion for public service

January 18, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Aykhan Alibayli, MPH '18 (Health Policy)

What is your current job?

MSPA student at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Describe your work and why you find it rewarding/challenging.

I am currently studying to become a physician assistant, and I’m excited to continue my passion for public service work by working at the VHA upon graduation.

[YSPH] gave me a great deal of appreciation for the non-medical topics in health care.

Aykhan Alibayli, MPH '18 (Health Policy)

How did YSPH prepare you for your current work?

It gave me a great deal of appreciation for the non-medical topics in health care. As a future health care practitioner, I appreciate having a good understanding of how health care administration and policy shape my day-to-day work and my patients’ health outcomes, as well as the future of the health care delivery in the U.S. Doing an administrative fellowship and working in health care consulting after my MPH gave me a unique perspective into these topics and prepared me to become a more well-rounded clinician.

Were there any faculty/staff mentors who influenced your YSPH experience?

Mark Schlesinger, PhD; Chima D. Ndumele, MPH, PhD; and Felicia Spencer, Director of Career Services.

Do you have a favorite YSPH experience you can share?

All the support and inspiration from the faculty and staff! Also, the flexibility to take classes outside the YSPH and learn among other disciplines (Law, Business, etc.).

What advice do you have for current YSPH students?

Be bold, be adventurous, be open-minded, and dream big!

Submitted by Fran Fried on January 17, 2023