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Master of Science in Public Health

A Degree for Specialized Skills in Public Health Disciplines

The Master of Science (MS) degree program in Public Health is designed with an emphasis on mastering skills in biostatistics, chronic disease epidemiology, epidemiology of infectious diseases, or health informatics. The program focuses on the theory and application of statistical methodology in biomedical science, the foundations behind clinical research in epidemiology and the practice of informatics across clinical and public health domains. The program is suited for student interested in entering the work force, continuing their education in PhD programs and clinicians.

Those applicants wishing to pursue an MS in Biostatistics will be able to choose the Standard Biostatistics Pathway, the Data Science pathway, or the Implementation and Prevention Science Methods pathway.

Applicants wishing to pursue an MS in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases can choose between a clinical specialization and a quantitative specialization.

The MS program in Health Informatics comprises applied research and the practice of informatics across clinical and public health domains.

Applicants interested in the MS in Chronic Disease Epidemiology will find this one-year program beneficial for positions medical research in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical fields.

Unless stated otherwise, students can enroll full time or part time.

How to Apply

Applications are submitted through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Select program: "Public Health" and your Concentration: Biostatistics (PhD or MS), Chronic Disease Epidemiology (PhD or MS), Environmental Health Sciences (PhD), Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (PhD) or Epidemiology Infectious Disease (MS), Health Informatics (MS) Health Policy and Management (PhD) or Social and Behavioral Sciences (PhD).

The GRE and TOEFL code for Yale GSAS is: 3987. A writing sample is not required.

The deadline is December 15th.


Students in the MS program file their applications and financial aid materials through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

MS students are allowed to serve as Teaching Fellows or Research Assistants. Teaching Fellowships are generally available to MS students in the 2-year program in Public Health during their second year after they have taken classes and become familiar with the Public Health coursework. However, it is also possible to obtain a Teaching Fellowship in a department outside of Public Health. Many first year MS students have found Teaching Fellowships in within Yale College in languages, math, statistics or science departments.

Research Assistant positions are also available on a part time basis. Faculty in Public Health are generally familiar with various research projects that are in need of a research assistant. We suggest you begin your search for a research assistant position by asking your faculty advisor for suggestions. There are also many positions posted on the Student Employment website.