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Sinem Toraman Turk, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Public Health (Health Policy)

Contact Information

Sinem Toraman Turk, PhD

Research Summary

Dr. Toraman Turk's research focuses on addressing health disparities in different contexts and advancing qualitative and mixed methods research methodologies. She is specifically interested in disparities in research participation, access to healthcare, and root causes of health disparities. Her methodological interests involve examining qualitative and mixed methods research applications and training practices. Her work involves a variety of research and evaluation projects that apply cutting-edge methodologies across the fields of education, health sciences, psychology, and social work.

Public Health Interests

e-Health; Health Equity, Disparities, Social Determinants and Justice; Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications

  • History and advances in mixed methods research in psychologyPlano Clark, V. L., Wang, S., & Toraman, S. (2020). History and advances in mixed methods research in psychology. In A. Schweizer, M. del Rio Carral, M. Santiago-Delefosse (Eds.), Les méthodes mixtes en psychologie. analyses quantitatives et qualitatives: de la théorie à la pratique (pp. 21 – 41) [Mixed methods in psychology. quantitative and qualitative analyses: from theory to practice]. Dunod.