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Inaugural Roundtable on Post-COVID Health Care Announced

November 21, 2021

To address new business models for health care in the post-COVID world, the Yale School of Public Health announces the Sustainable Healthcare Access Reinvention – Executive Dialogue (SHARED@Yale), an online roundtable bringing together leaders in business, medical innovation and public health.

The 90-minute panel discussion is sponsored by Tevogen Bio and will be live streamed for worldwide viewing on November 30 at 11:30 a.m. EST. The event is open to everyone.

The panelists will explore the pandemic’s influence on the American health care system and identify opportunities to rethink its major elements for a more equitable future.

“We wish to learn from recent successes and address chronic challenges of health access, including inequities, inefficiencies, and suboptimal outcomes in care. We will also reimagine a biopharma business model that aspires toward provision of low-cost advanced therapeutics and vaccines for all,” said Sten Vermund, YSPH dean.

The roundtable, chaired by Vermund, will include the following five panelists:

· Marcella Nunez-Smith, associate dean for the Health Equity Research and Innovation Center at the Yale School of Medicine and chair of the president’s COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force

· Bob Galvin, chief medical officer and senior partner, Blackstone investment firm

· Bill Novelli, founder, Georgetown Business for Impact

· Joshua Steiner, chair of Castleton Commodities and senior advisor at Bloomberg L.P.

· Major General Irene Trowell-Harris (retired), former director of the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Women Veterans

Dr. Ryan Saadi, CEO and founder of Tevogen Bio and a YSPH alumnus, noted the best path toward progress is through collaboration and the sharing of ideas by innovators and experts spanning multiple fields. “We are hopeful this forum will help bring to the forefront the urgent need for an overhaul of the current public health care model; one that is equitable, sustainable, and profitable,” Saadi said.

We wish to learn from recent successes and address chronic challenges of health access.

Sten Vermund

Kaitlyn Keck, senior manager of preclinical research at Tevogen Bio, added: “This cross-discipline discussion is vital to the health and well-being of our communities, families and friends, especially in light of the current pandemic and planning for the future.”

The panelists said that creative thinking is needed to ensure better outcomes in the next global health crisis. “I look forward to discussing what we can do as panelists to see all of us compromise, collaborate, work together and support policies that work to take care of all people,” Dr. Trowell-Harris said.

The event is organized in collaboration with Tapestry Networks that works across the public and private sectors to cultivate and synthesize emerging ideas, solve problems, and identify effective solutions. Lindee Goh, Tapestry partner, will co-facilitate the event with Vermund.

About the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH)

Established in 1915 as one of the first schools of public health in the United States, YSPH is consistently ranked among the best schools of public health in the country. At the forefront of advancing education, science, and public health for the 21st century, YSPH has a long history of leading response to emerging infectious diseases: contributing to the development of a polio vaccine in the 1960s, addressing arboviruses like dengue in the 1980s, HIV/AIDS in the 1990s, the epidemics of Ebola, Zika, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, YSPH launched its online Executive Masters of Public Health degree program to broaden the opportunity of acquiring a Yale public health education.

About Tapestry Networks

Since 2003, Tapestry has helped the leaders of the world’s most complex organizations be more competent and confident in their work - in corporate governance, financial services, and healthcare. Drawing upon their deep relationships with hundreds of directors, executives, and regulators, Tapestry’s professionals have unrivaled insight into the leadership of large organization and broader industry challenges. Each Tapestry meeting builds on the lessons learned from candid dialogues involving public and private sector leaders, creating distinctively insightful and pragmatic discussions. In healthcare, Tapestry works on cross-sector challenges centered on innovation, regulatory and reimbursement environments, and access issues.

About Tevogen Bio

Tevogen Bio is a team of distinguished scientists and experienced biopharmaceutical leaders. Tevogen believes that accessible personalized immunotherapies are the next frontier of medicine and disruptive business models are required to sustain medical innovation in the post-pandemic world. The company’s technology overcomes traditional barriers to the broad application of targeted T cell therapies through advances in speed to patient and product purity. Tevogen’s organizational and manufacturing efficiency is core to its highly successful biopharma business model. Its research pipeline includes targeted CD8+ T Lymphocyte therapeutics for the treatment of common cancers and difficult to eradicate viral infections.

Submitted by Colin Poitras on November 22, 2021