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Alumni Spotlight Candice Taguibao, MPH ’19 (Health Policy & Management)

August 17, 2022

What is your current job?

I am the digital health research manager at the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Describe your work and why you find it rewarding/challenging.

I lead the digital health initiative at WHRI, to catalyze and support research projects that leverage digital technology to improve the health of patients and families in British Columbia. In this role, I also partner closely with researchers from other institutes, provincial office leaders, health care decision-makers, and clinical leaders to collaborate on processes for prioritizing digital innovation for clinical implementation. Multi-stakeholder collaboration is challenging, but it is also very rewarding to work with colleagues with similar goals and to produce outputs that can potentially become pathways for innovation in the province.

How did YSPH prepare you for your current work?

YSPH provided me with the foundations for conducting public health work and research, which I have directly applied in all of my professional experiences since graduating. My coursework taught me practical skills like research and evaluation methods, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and how to write policy memos. Importantly, the curriculum trained me to think critically and to understand complex public health issues through a systems lens, recognizing that multi-sectoral collaboration is needed to support quality and equity in health care. Opportunities to apply this knowledge through completing practice-based courses and a Downs Fellowship research project further developed these skills and have set me up for success in my early career.

Do you have a favorite YSPH experience you can share?

I am very grateful for YSPH because it gave me the opportunity to meet driven and inspiring people, and I cherish the lifelong friendships I have built during my time at Yale. I enjoyed any event where I could network and socialize with peers, with grad student bonus points for when there was free food involved!

What advice do you have for current/future students?

I advise students to take advantage of the Yale community and all it has to offer – take classes in the law/business/art schools, attend seminars that interest you, and join social clubs. Being at Yale was such a unique experience and unlike any other period of my life, so find opportunities to grow, learn, and make the most of your time there while you can.

Were there any faculty/staff mentors who influenced your YSPH experience?

I would like to thank Dr. Robert Rosenheck, who was my Downs Fellowship supervisor, and Dr. Robert Hecht for their guidance and mentorship throughout my time at YSPH.

Submitted by Fran Fried on August 08, 2022