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2024 Top Faculty Awards Announced

May 16, 2024

Dean Megan L. Ranney Thursday announced the recipients of this year’s Distinguished Teaching Award and Distinguished Student Mentoring Award.

Two outstanding members of the Yale School of Public Health faculty are being honored with the 2024 Distinguished Teaching Award this year – Associate Professor Michaela Dinan and Assistant Clinical Professor Michael Wininger.

Michaela Dinan’s students cited her “unparalleled commitment to student success” while fostering “a supportive and inclusive learning environment” in nominating her for the award. Students spoke highly of Michaela’s mentorship, passion, and engaging curriculum stating: “She consistently delivers high-quality content, ensuring that each week is filled with valuable learning experiences.” It is evident that Michaela’s teaching has made an enduring impact, with students sharing that they aspire to emulate her level of dedication in their own work.

Michael Wininger was lauded by his students for his versatility, active and inclusive instruction, and ability to deliver concepts “in fresh and innovative ways.” One student said: “His ability to seamlessly weave personal experiences, real-world examples, and academic theories left students eagerly awaiting each lecture session.” Michael was praised for consistently supporting his students' development both inside and outside the classroom, and for being a “true mentor” who focuses on the overall growth and success of each student.

The 2024 Distinguished Student Mentoring Award was given to Kai Chen.

Assistant Professor Kai Chen’s students praised his dedication and commitment as a mentor and for going “above and beyond” to ensure their academic success. Students referenced Kai’s passion for his work. One student said Kai’s encouragement “has ensured that I will create the best possible version of my thesis that it can be.”

Dean Ranney invited everyone to join her in congratulating Michaela, Michael, and Kai on receiving these well-deserved honors and for being leaders in shaping the next generation of public health professionals!

Submitted by Colin Poitras on May 16, 2024