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The Yale-Sudan Program for Research Leadership in Public Health

August 09, 2021
  • 00:21And so we're excited today. Because we know
  • 00:24that mentorship and leadership are essential
  • 00:26pillars for success in public health.
  • 00:29We are excited today because we believe
  • 00:31that this program will strengthen current
  • 00:34leaders in public health in Sudan and
  • 00:36provide them with added skills in
  • 00:38mentorship to inspire those more
  • 00:40junior to follow in their footsteps.
  • 00:43Uh, there's nothing that interests
  • 00:45us more than contributing to higher
  • 00:48education and public health and ultimately
  • 00:51translating into the training of a new
  • 00:54generation of public health leaders,
  • 00:56both in research and in practice,
  • 00:58and in teaching for the nation of Sudan.
  • 01:02One great nations and a country in whose
  • 01:05potential has not yet been reached.
  • 01:08We hope that we continue to
  • 01:11be a vibrant partner for you.
  • 01:14There is no
  • 01:15doubt. That mentoring is a key ingredient.
  • 01:19As the most cost effective way.
  • 01:22To advance the field,
  • 01:24especially in research and publications.
  • 01:27So the next generation of
  • 01:29Junior and mid career faculty.
  • 01:32Of global health research.
  • 01:34And scientists will benefit
  • 01:37really from this program.
  • 01:39Uh, is something in Sudan.