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YSPH EMD Seminar: "Advances in enteric fever diagnostics and serosurveillance”

Dr. Charles is an infectious disease researcher and physician who has been working for more than a decade in Bangladesh and Haiti on cholera and typhoid fever and investigation host-pathogen interactions and naturally acquired immunity, in part for the purpose of informing vaccination strategies.

Typhoid conjugate vaccine offers great promise control of enteric fever, also known as typhoid and paratyphoid fever. However, many low-and-middle-income countries lack incidence data to support vaccine introduction, with significant gaps across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This talk will review current limitations in diagnostic assays for enteric ever and recent research advances in developing an improved diagnostic assay and serosurveillance tool for this infection. These new tools and approaches can potentially expand the geographical scope of enteric fever surveillance.


  • Harvard Medical School/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

    Richelle C. Charles, MD, FIDSA
    Associate Professor





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