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YSPH Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and CIRA Spring 2023 Seminar Series: Kimberly Sue, MD, PhD

"Encountering Xylazine in the Poisoned Drug Supply: Research Approaches Utilizing Ethnography and Harm Reduction in Clinical and Public Health Settings"

Kimberly Sue, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine

Xylazine is a veterinary tranquilizer that has been increasingly present in Connecticut and throughout the US drug supply. In Connecticut, xylazine has been present at least since 2019 in the unregulated drug supply and was present in approximately 28% of fatal overdoses last year. This talk will explore clinical facets of xylazine, harm reduction approaches to xylazine, and research questions and orientations to understanding xylazine, xylazine overdoses, and xylazine-related wounds.



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