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Hybrid Experimental Designs for Optimizing Behavioral Interventions

Dr. Billie Nahum-Shani is a behavioral scientist who develops behavioral theory and novel methodology to construct adaptive interventions; these interventions modify the type, timing, dose, or delivery mode of support to address the unique and changing needs of individuals. Of particular interest are interventions that leverage digital technology to adapt intervention delivery to individuals in real-time, in their daily lives. Her work includes developing and extending experimental designs that can inform the development of adaptive interventions, including Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMARTs), Micro-Randomized Trials (MRTs), and Hybrid Experimental Designs (HEDs). She provides leadership to several NIH funded projects, including an NIH/NIDA funded P50 Center of Excellence to develop novel experimental designs and data analytic methods for adapting and personalizing services for drug use and HIV.

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Sep 202313Wednesday

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