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Yale Ventures: Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Yale Public Health Magazine, Yale Public Health: Fall 2023
by Jane E. Dee


Entrepreneurial faculty and students at Yale School of Public Health have a partner in Yale Ventures.

Yale Ventures supports innovators across Yale University and in New Haven with resources and opportunities as they translate their ideas and discoveries into new ventures that will positively impact the world's greatest challenges. Launched in 2022, Yale Ventures is led by Managing Director Josh Geballe, senior associate provost for entrepreneurship and innovation at Yale University.

Yale Ventures is home to Yale’s innovation programs and centers, operating across and integrating four core functional areas. YSPH faculty and students can engage with Yale Ventures’ four primary teams:

  • The Intellectual Property and Licensing Services unit works with Yale innovators to patent and license their discoveries and technologies.
  • The Innovation Training and Startups team offers programs that are designed to help faculty and students develop their ideas and, in many cases, spin them into new startups. The programs include the Blavatnik Fund, the Roberts Innovation Fund, the Colton Center for Autoimmunity, the Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT), and Tsai CITY.
  • The Corporate Partnerships team works closely with the Office of Development to attract resources and build industry collaborations in support of Yale research and innovation across the university.
  • The Innovation Community team connects the people, places, and sources of capital for the Yale innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, supporting mentorship programming such as a Yale student associates program and convening events such as the Yale Innovation Summit that serve as important catalysts for Yale innovators.

Faculty who engage with Yale Ventures have received support in many ways, including business training, research funding, and recognition awards.

In 2023, YSPH faculty member Rohan Khera, assistant professor of Biostatistics (Health Informatics) and Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine), received a Blavatnik Fund award for INSIGHT-AI. Khera and his team from the Cardiovascular Data Science Lab (CarDS) developed the artificial intelligence-based electrocardiogram interpretation, which is designed for global use.

Other successes include Anjelica Gonzalez of Aero Therapeutics, Inc., who won the "Golden Ticket" at Yale Venture's Innovation Summit in 2021, receiving a free year of office space at District New Haven. Aero Therapeutics is supported by the Yale Institute for Global Health’s Sustainable Health Initiative. A medical device company, Aero Therapeutics helps to treat respiratory issues in low-resource settings with affordable devices. In 2021, Gonzalez was also awarded the inaugural amplifyHERscience award, a Yale Ventures program dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in science and entrepreneurial pursuits. ­­­

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