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Claude Petit, MPH, PhD

Lecturer in Biostatistics

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Claude Petit, MPH, PhD



Claude Petit received her Masters’ degree (1993) from one of France’s leading institutions of higher learning in statistics and economics. She earned her Phd, concurrent with a medical degree in 1999 in the field of Biostatistics from the University of Kremlin Bicêtre (France) where she studied under Prof. Jean Maccario, employing Bayesian methods as applied to clinical trials, specifically involving the study and treatment of schizophrenia.

She served as Adjunct Professor in Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Grenoble (1999), Medical University of Paris (2004), and at Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et d’Administration Informatique (ENSAI), until her arrival in the US in 2007. She has been a lecturer at the Yale School of Public Health since July 2012.

Extensively published, Dr. Petit served for many years as Secretary of Biopharmaceutical and Health group in SFdS responsible for the relationships with The French Agency for Sanitary & Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS). Moreover she has been the Treasurer of the Organizing Committees of the 5th international meeting of SFdS and chaired the Organizing Committee of the 6th international meeting of SFdS (Paris, sept 2009).

She is also a member of several statistical associations as PSI and DIA and thanks to her extensive work as a project statistician in oncology has been accepted as an ASCO member. Her area of interest is the use of Bayesian methods in phase IIb/III trials.

Working in the field of statistics since 1994, Dr. Petit has worked at Sanofi-Aventis (formerly Rhone Poulenc Rorer); ESCLI (CRO); Laboratoires Servier; as well as Vice Head of Biometric at Lincoln (CRO). She joined Boehringer Ingelheim, France as a Biostatistics and Programming Support Head in 2004. She currently serves as Executive Director of Biostatistics with Boehringer Ingelheim, US. With about 35 people reporting to her, her team focusses on respiratory, cardiovascular, oncology, CNS and virology drug. She has been involved in several submissions in Europe and in the US, interacting with the FDA through NDA meetings, Advisory Committees and sponsor audits. She also plays key roles in developing and evaluating long term strategies for the biometrics and data management (BDM) organization including authoring of guidelines and concept papers for efficient BDM processes, training international teams in Americas and China, planning for project statistical analysis plan.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Kremlin Bicetre Medical School (France) (1999)
  • MPH
    Kremlin Bicetre Medical School (France) (1994)

Departments & Organizations