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YSPH Biostatistics Seminar: "Design and Analysis Strategies with “Secondary” Use Data"

BIS 526 students are required to attend in person. Others are allowed to attend in person but may also attend via zoom.

Speaker- Ran Tao, Ph.D.

Title: "Design and Analysis Strategies with “Secondary” Use Data"


The growing availability of observational databases like electronic health records (EHR) provides unprecedented opportunities for secondary use of such data in biomedical research. However, these data can be error-prone and need to be validated before use. It is usually unrealistic to validate the whole database due to resource constraints. A cost-effective alternative is to implement a two-phase design that validates a subset of patient records that are enriched for information about the research question of interest. In this talk, I will discuss proper statistical approaches to analyze such two-phase studies, which can efficiently use the information in the unvalidated data in Phase I and address the potential biased validation sample selection in Phase II. I will demonstrate the advantages of the proposed methods over existing ones through extensive simulations and an application to an ongoing HIV observational study.


  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Ran Tao, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor


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