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CIRA Presents: Qualitative Research Discussion Group: “Hit Doctors at Work: Marginality and Uncredentialed Expertise among People who Inject Drugs”

QRDG Overview:

The goal of the Qualitative Research Discussion Group (QRDG) is to provide opportunities for individuals involved in qualitative or mixed-methods research to meet regularly to discuss the qualitative research process and potentially problem-solve issues that may arise when engaged in qualitative research. Discussion topics include, but are not limited to: logistics, data management, analysis, dissemination, role of the researcher, and ethics. It is intended as a venue for discussing research in progress and new or relevant literature on qualitative methods and practice as well as to create networking opportunities and foster research collaborations. CIRA’s Interdisciplinary Research Methods (IRM) Core Core member, Lauretta Grau, PhD, is coordinating the meetings. She can be reached at

Speaker Bio –Sarah Brothers, Yale Sociology Department:

Sarah Brothers is a doctoral candidate in sociology. Her dissertation examines how people engaged in the high-risk activity of injecting drugs engage in various practices to reduce their risk. Bringing together theories of expertise, gender, and urban marginality, she uses interview and ethnographic data to analyze the production and assessment of "uncredentialed expertise" in assisted injection, a common practice in which one person injects another with illicit drugs. Prior to coming to Yale, Sarah received her BA in Sociology from UC Berkeley and her AA and AS from City College of San Francisco. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in Women's Studies, and others.


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