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James Hassell

Assistant Professor Adjunct of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

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James Hassell



James Hassell BVetMed MSc PhD is an epidemiologist and wildlife veterinarian with the Smithsonian's Global Health Program. His research interests focus on disease transmission between wildlife, livestock and humans in natural and urban settings in Africa, and using technological advances (both geospatial and diagnostic) to determine how transfer of pathogens between species is determined by the ecosystems they inhabit. Such evidence is crucial to securing healthier and more resilient populations of humans and animals. As a conservationist, he also works to improve the health of endangered species (including rhino and Old World vultures) and support African veterinarians through training programs in conservation medicine. He is currently enrolled in a European College of Zoological Medicine residency program in the specialty of Wildlife Population Health.

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