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Active Grants

  • "Comprehensive Translational Science Analytics Tools for Global Health Agenda,” 2014-2020. PI: Spiegelman, D.
  • "Statistical Methods to Account for Exposure Uncertainty in Environmental Epidemiology," 2018-2023. PI: Spiegelman, D.
  • "StandStrong- Sensing Technologies for Maternal Depression", 2018-2020. PI: Kohrt, B. Co-Investigator: Hagaman, A.
  • "Impact of treating perinatal depression on infant HPA axis function", 2019-2021 PI: Maselko, J. Co-Investigator: Hagaman, A.
  • “Human-centered Design and Communities of Practice to Improve Delivery of Home-based Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in Uganda,” 2013-2023 PI: Davis, JL.
  • “TB and Other Pulmonary Complications of AIDS Research Training Program,” 2013-2023 PI: Davis, JL.
  • “Interrupting HIV and TB stigma in the household during TB contact investigation in Uganda,” 2019-2021. PI: Davis, JL.
  • “An accessible, scalable, patient-facing mHealth application for self-care of heart failure in LMIC,” 2019-202. PI: Schwartz, J. Co-Investigator: Davis, JL.
  • “Single-saMPLE tuberculosis evaluation to facilitate linkage to care: The SIMPLE TB trial,” 2016-2020. PI: Cattamanchi, A. Co-Investigator: Davis, JL.
  • “Evaluating the fidelity, adaptation, and effectiveness of a breastfeeding peer counseling program for low-income women in the United States,” 2019-2021. PI: Bernstein, S. Co-Investigator: Rhodes, E.
  • “Cervical Cancer Prevention in Low Resource Setting – a Pilot Implementation Study in Nepal,” 2019-2021. PI: Spiegelman, D & Sheeth, S.
  • “Incomplete stepped wedge designs: Methods for study planning and analysis. Funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). 2020-2022. PI: Preisser, JS. Co-Investigator: Li, F.
  • “New causal inference methods for cluster randomized trials with post-randomization selection-bias,” 2020-2022. PI: Li, F.